Measure at your convenience

No time to head out for a health check-up? With our app, you can check on your health anytime, anywhere.

View instant clinical report

With Artificial Intelligence as our backbone, your measurement is analyzed using algorithms to detect health abnormalities. View your clinical report within minutes.

Generate insights from the history

Your past measurements will be computed within the app for time-based graph data modeling.

Assess risk and manage health

Many health problems remain silent before it becomes too late to be cured. With our app, we can detect early signs of a disease. Prevention is better than cure.

Measure Ecg

Just place your index finger and thumb on the ECG watch. Our app is capable of keeping a lookout for any heart abnormality.

Measure Pulse

Place your index finger into the Pulse Oximeter. Our app provides intelligence monitoring of pulse rate, breath rate, and SpO2 level which correlates with stress and anxiety.

Measure Blood Glucose

Test your blood glucose level using a glucometer. We help to keep blood glucose within controlled range to prevent diabetic risks and complications.

Measure Weight

Keep your weight within the normal range to avoid a higher risk of chronic diseases.

Measure Body fat

Keep your Body Mass Index within the normal range to avoid a higher risk of chronic diseases.

Measure Blood Pressure

With a blood pressure monitor, our app can help you manage your blood pressure. Uncontrolled blood pressure can lead to chronic disease in the long run.

Body Temperature

Regularly monitor the body temperature with the thermometer and our app helps you to manage the temperature.

How it Works

Create and deliver your own branded AI based remote patient monitoring within minutes