Mission: Democratizing Health Monitoring with AI

10% of the world suffers or over 700 million people around the world suffer from either chronic diabetes and cardiovascular diseases accounting to over 70 million deaths annually. Yet, access to high-quality care is limited compounded by global shortage in experts in cardiology and endocrinology; our AI research and its application aims to solve global health challenges to enhance lives of everyone on this planet.

We aims to democratize diagnosis using AI focused on identifying and diagnosis of abnormalities of heart rhythm such as atrial fibrillation, and other severe arrhythmia, cardiac output and respiration from single lead ECG and PPG wearable devices. There are several ways to make use of Clifit.ai: healthcare providers are able to use our SaaS based platforms to rollout your own branded Cardiac, Diabetic or Remote Patient Monitoring solution within minutes; home-care providers to enable care-givers to assist patient in health screenings; or public health care workers to provide screening for cardiac or health conditions in population.

About Company

We founded our AI company Uvionics Tech in Singapore in 2014. Singapore today is a global hub for AI. With over 3 years of continued research, with over 20,000 global patient readings, over 800 patients in our clinical trials across South and South East Asia, countless physician hours of input, over 40 dedicated AI specialists. We are located in Singapore, Australia, and India.